Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OK...I know I know...I'm On Vacation, OK!!!

OK. I get has been a long time between posts, and I have been plenty busy, and had plenty of things to blog about. But here is the issue. I just don't feel like carrying around my camera. I mean, trust me...The Fairgrounds is a target rich environment, and the sights this year have been horrendous. However I just can't quite bring myself to go get the camera out of the car. Therefore It looks like you will have to endure one of the hopefully rare, text only Blog's from the Hillenblog

First, I changed my Profile Pic...I hope I don't look like that, but I'm afraid I do.

There have been so many things going on, and some which I cannot talk about, I think I will just hit the high points, and make a cryptic list. It will be more cryptic for some than others.

0. And then there was a Boyfriend.
1. Then there was the talk
2. Down with Cable
3. Up with Dish Network
4. DSL is available in Rog!
5. We have an actual Phone Number again.
6. I don't know what it is, and we don't have a phone yet.
7. Football Camp in Rog, Thanks Lotz for turning my son into a future Jeep owner.
8. Way to go MATT! I have a notion how this is happening if you want me to 'splain it to you...
9. Lightning McQueen, Burch, Lotz, Scotty, Rog, The Rog boys, and Barrett. If I am ever Elected President, you guys are in my administration. (well mostly)
10. I have been doing alot of traveling lately, Monitor World, Guitar Land, Downstage, Upstage, On the deck, in the greenroom, by the ice cream, in the trailer, Catering, etc.
11. The Dancefloor, The Pool Girl, The Pool itself, and Hardees in general.
12. 12..well Twelve is a half a case...and a case is 24.
13. Saliva, drowning pool, drowning in a pool of just goes on from there.
14. The is a *@#!'n Clean Show.
15. Tucker, your the man!
16. Concessions people...keep the gates locked for crying out loud!
17. Don't walk there...that is not water...
18. The Pump truck is in route...I don't think so!
19. Blue Poo. Enough said.
20. The Stripper.
21. You can complain to my boss at the front of the e-Plex.
22. You want Cash!?
23. Slaw Dogs
24. Four-Corner it
25. $3 for a glass of tea.
26. Rog....whats the weather like INSIDE the trailer?
27. What songs does Eddie Money Sing?
28. Oh yeah, Barrett got braces (we are looking for sponsors to rent advertising space, $150 a month...and we will display anything in his teeth)
29. Which one is Gate 10?
30.'ll have to come back on Latino Day.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I was laughing. With all this talk about those crazy slaw dogs I might actually have to try one before this whole things is over.

Sarah T.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and DJ says Eddie Money sings.."Two Tickets to Paradise"

Sarah T.

rachel said...

That was one of the funniest posts ever. You left out Mr. no teeth trying to get away with making his own backstage pass on the computer. Other than that, I think you about covered it.

Hillenblog's Wife said...

you forgot the new fireman calendar for 2008...oh wait, that's the today show, not the fair...

admin said...

i love inside jokes. i'd love to be a part of one someday.

BECKY said...

Actually... I just sold an old cassette tape of Eddie Money's "I just wanna fall in love again" i love that song.

millsie said...

and you forgot..she was married again at 18...

Hillenjunior said...

"I saw this in a cartoon/movie once!"

smokin' mills said...

#33 - the guy that tripped backstage and did a face plant in the blacktop

SkyWriting said...

The talk came first, actually.