Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Ocean Drive II

Ocean Drive

Follow the steps...

Eureka Springs, Ar

Air Force One

Our President

The Twin Towers

at the Angus...Mexico City

Mexico City, World Cup

The White House

DC at night

From the Queen Mary

Isn't she cute!



This is one of the best views imagionable

Hawaiin Horse Ranch

It's views like this that make you wonder how you could earn a living in the islands

Sunset in Hawaii

that's my ball

Fire by night

Lanaii, HI

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Enough for today...

I think I am going to love my blog. I wonder why...Goodnight.

More of NY's finest

NYC Firefighters

Did somebody say Church...lets go!

Over Here...

Scottsdale, Arizona

Landing in China Town

San Fransico, CA

The Lowes Miami Beach

The Capital Building

Summer is coming...

My Wife Loves me...I sometimes wonder why!

Morgan & Barrett

happy lake day

Skyler's First Day of High School

My Final Tradeshow Booth Setup. I hope.

Get a Grip!

St. Johns, USVI

Skyler & Erika after Skyler gets her nose pierced

Danny kisses Barrett

Billy Graham, Jeff Adams, Micheal W. Smith...Billy Graham Crusade in KC, MO

From the Jet, the moon over the Caribean

the photoblog happeneth