Saturday, April 17, 2010


So...I'm going to give this blogging thing a try. Today...Was one of the best days I can remember. First let me say that SATO48 is going on, and Barrett spent the night at Skyler & Chad's after a late night of film making with Team C O X. (I know that you think...but its not the case) it just means that we were empty nesters for the weekend.
We slept in (which loosely reads got up around 7:30 as empty nesters were old...and can't sleep late) It's my sisters Birthday so we called her and talked to Italy for a while. (My parents may be delayed coming home because of the Volcano in Iceland) wow...what a bummer, longer in Italy :-) I know they are ready to come home... We then got around and headed in to town...
We did a couple of errands, went to the farmers market, I got me truck washed (first time since I owned it...i know thats weak) and went to Rock-n-Ribs. Wow...that was fun. I have wanted to go for several years, but it has just never worked out. Today was awesome...we ate some STELLAR BBQ and bumped into a bunch of people that we knew. We then went to Kaleidoscope and Cindy got a new nose ring. (its great...finally a hoop :-)
We then did a "pop in" visit to the Burchs...had a great little visit with them.
We then went to pick up Skyler at work...took her home, hung out at her loft for a while...and then came home. Been hanging out all night with my gorgeous bride. (who by the way got a bit of sun today) What a great day!
Can't wait for tomorrow.