Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let the Record Show...

That at the time of my vicious public attack and embarrassment, by (as it turns out) a deep rooted cell of conspiracy and ill will of nearly all my friends and family, I was trying to take a nice photo of Jen and her father in the Pulpit at HSBC. No good deed goes unpunished.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thanks for Dinner Ryan & Missy!

A good time was had by all...thanks for taking good care of Cindy and accompanying her...(literally and figuratively) on her whirlwind tour of Kansas City...You guys are the greatest...thanks again. Shout out to Roscoe...& my favorite Millisant!
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The Week in Review

Row One - Weekend with the Boys...
Row Two - Superbowl Sunday
Row Three - Oliver's first trip to the 'Boro...welcome to the fam!
Row Four - a group of 16 + 3 high chairs could leave a sour taste in your mouth...but not Patty & Hugo...thanks all.
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Clean-up, Clean-up...Everybody...Everywhere...Clean-up, Clean-up...Everybody do their share.

1. Before...
2. Day one
3. Day three
4. Day two
5. The cleanup
6. Our Yard is Ready for Pickup from the FEMA people...
7. Backyard almost cleaned up
8. After...($1700 later...Seek Shelter today)
9. Barrett learns to use the Chainsaw
10. Mark...Hally actually took a nap...(it was so nice to have HalRena back with us)
11. More of the cleanup...
12. Ours entire street is ready for pick up...(except for a few slackers)
13. Stuck in the ground 15 inches...
14. Backyard cleanup
15. (by the way...I got my $27 Chainsaw running...like a champ....Finally!)
16. Even the Porkies were raked up...
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Red Robin Rocks

1. nice Lenses and bangs Coco...
2. Bops...Your the man!
3. This waitress will bring you all the Fries you can eat...seriously!
4. Happy Birthday Skyler...
5. Yep...they're singing to YOU!
6. Shout out to Sybil...
7. Hi Morgan...
8. A
9. Sweet Seventeen...
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Is this the longest table you have ever seen?

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Has it only been a month...January 2007

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I think I diagnosed what caused your back pain...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Think about this...

OK...so maybe a diaper is standard procedure for most astronauts taking along trip...but driving 900 miles...she had to stop for gas at least once...I think you could spare a few seconds to run into the ladies room.

I just can't wait to hear what part the "rubber tubing" was going to play in this whole love triangle/bathroom humor saga...

Friday, February 02, 2007

As promised...and by way of announcing the winner of the "Randy & Tammy" self portrait blogging contest...here is the Winner! Jen Cleaver! now her Special Guest Blog.
The views and opinions expressed in this blog are not necessarily endorsed by the management of Hillenblog.com they are purely the work of the author. All Rights Reserved.

"Do you know these people like you think you do?"

By "Picturing Life Perfects" author Jen Cleaver

I have been listening closely in the last five years we've lived in Springfield (or surrounding areas), and I have noticed that each of you have your own unique ways of expressing yourselves. You each have your own phrases or words that describe what goes on those little minds of yours. I have paid careful attention and managed to remember and collect a few of these. No feelings are meant to be hurt, after all, when your a girl who's favorite word is "puh" , you can't exactly make fun of others for their favorites. Some of the most noticeable, or often said, I have decided to publish on my much desired, highly acclaimed, once in a lifetime Hillenblog guest blog. They are in no particular order......

Gary Wilson....."exactly"

Matt Burch...."can I get one for free"

Rachel Burch..."thanks" and "I"m sorry" (usually apoligizing for Matt)

Tom Demers...."I can do that"

Jonny Jeppsen...."uuummmm" (pay close attention,you'll hear it)

Christ Talburt...."You'll never guess what happened to me today"

Greg Roy...."Here's the deal"

Mark Hillenburg...."how can I make a mountain out of that mole hill"
(okay maybe he doesn't say it, but I'm positive he thinks it)

Joe Reynolds...."oh your kidding me"

Cindy Hillenburg...."MARK!!!"

These were just a few of you folks, if I have forgotten any, feel free to add them, if I have not put you on here, it may be that you need to find a favorite word. Thanks to Mark for the honor of expressing myself on the one and only Hillenblog.