Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You have to see is the coolest thing...

Top Secret Location of Big Brother House here
See Back into the Future here
Better wear some Sunscreen for here

Monday, August 27, 2007

Truly great friends are hard to find,
difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

G. Randolf

"The road to a friend's house is never long."
Danish Proverb

Other than my Wife and Daughter...

These are the two prettiest girls I know...and I think that this photo captures their individual personalities!

disgruntled CBS employee leaks BB8 love triangle


As a disgruntled former employee I feel it is within my right to exact revenge in whatever way I can against a network who bullied me into resignation, (matters of which I won’t discuss). So, for all you Big Brother fans who have been claiming the show is boring and needs another twist, well prepare yourself for this: Have you heard Eric speak of a “long distance girlfriend?” Well, that “long distant girlfriend” wasn’t so distant for the entire season!!! In fact, Eric and his “long distant girlfriend” had never met in person. It was an internet based relationship and unbeknownst to him, his “long distance girlfriend” was in this BB8 house, and will be returning to the house in the coming weeks! Who you ask?….CAROL!!!! Don’t believe me??? Proof- Why would CBS have Carol & Jessica in the house as “Arch-rivals”? They didn’t even know what they were “Rivals” for! A fight over $5 years ago when they were in school together, seriously?!!- Why has CBS been so coaxing of the relationship blossoming between Eric & Jessica? So that they will have a drama filled ending to the season! While I do behold a great disdain for CBS, I will never accuse them of lacking intellect. They know exactly what they are doing. They have been riding out the dramatic antics of Dick for as long as they can. Once that drama ends and Dick is removed, they intend to re-introduce CAROL to the house. If Dick isn’t removed within the next couple of weeks, Carol will return regardless. While I hold no grudge against CBS viewers, I felt leaking this classified information would be a great way to retaliate. Sorry to the viewers, HAHA to CBS!

Carol and Eric Eric and Jessica

What a wonderful world - Shadow Puppets

Thanks Dannah!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Second Story Job...

While we were at Admin & Admins-Wife's house (great new kitchen!) tonight...Cindy snuck upstairs and actually stole something out of their bedroom. This is a VERY PERSONAL item. Guess what it is. I will post a ransom photo of the item in a few days....If no one guesses what it it. If you guess what it is. I will give you the item for keeps. It's a Contest.

Looks like Rog and the boys...

Are having a good time in Bristol...Can't wait to see GW's Police Mugshot.

Ananayone Missing these Boxers?

As is the item stolen from Ananamas' Bedroom. Shocking...that he did not miss them. I'm sure that Mizananmas didn't.

After breaking and entering my house while we were at church Wed nite... (no, I did not have the alarm system on...argh!) and stealing something from me in retribution...Jenny Talburt...Is not the cute little thing that you would first think. She is a hard core cut throat competitor who is a worthy opponent. The perfect muse for Hillenblog, during the back-to-school blogging season.

Let the games begin...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You know you live in the Country...

When you drive by this parked truck in the middle of the road, on your way home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So...We were at some peoples house...

First, I caught Gary and Cindy in someones underwear drawer would not believe what they found?
Contest...Who's house is this? second. We Stole one thing from this room. The people who live here know we swiped a single item and I am waiting for them to guess what it is. If they cannott guess, the item will appear here on Hillenblog in one week.
To Re-Cap, we have two contests going on:
1. Who's Bedroom?
2. What did we steal?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Vacation

Take your Summer Vacation at your own risk, this is what one unsuspecting DMP employee had waiting for him when he returned to work. Of course it was also his birthday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shade Tree or Shade Pee?

This is a totally true story:

Yesterday, a man with curly blonde hair and brunette woman drove up into the circle drive at DMP in a maroon, newish Ford Taurus with Nebraska plates POG-438. Parked right behind the black Mercedes proceeded to have a picnic (Panera Bread) under this shade tree outside my window. After they were finished eating, they cleaned up their trash, they took their cooler back to the car, and just when you thought they were going to pack up and leave. The man (who was wearing no shirt) makes a bee line straight for the tree, unbuttons his pants and relieves himself on the tree. (as he is doing this...the woman gets out of the car and walks back over to stand beside him while he finishes his business) He then buttons up, and gets in the car and drives off.

Nobody knows who they are or where they came from. or where they will strike next. Be on the lookout.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Breaking News!!!

FREE STYLE WALKER is no longer so FREE...but he will be WALKING down the aisle sometime next May. Congrats to the happy couple.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Been workin at the Fair all last week!


31. "Girlfriends are way over rated..." Ryan Boschen
32. "My aunt was married at 16 and 18..." Kayla Mills
33. "Please have your tickets out...this is a fully ticketed event, you WILL need a ticket that looks like this. If you DO NOT have a ticket that looks like this, you can purchase one at the box office in front of the e-Plex....they are $3.00..."
34. Who know you could core out an apple to use it as a pipe to smoke your whatever with...?
35. "Hold on..I saw this in a movie once..."
36. DEATH MAY DIE!!! aka the Blue Klux Klan...
37. Was that Wade in the truck.
38. I think I made it clear that there are no cell phones during walk home to Indiana.
39. Nobody told us that we had to be here before the concert started...(not so bad unless your part of the band)
40. Lightning McQueen.
41. Has anyone seen where Lightning McQueen is?
42. "...oh that tattoo...yeah, its a picture of Jesus...I got it when I became a F@!%&* Christian...dude....same with this one on my arm..." As spoken by Eddie Money's Guitar Tech
43. I'd do that for a dollar...
44. "...Hillen...What's your twenty?...there is a cow running loose up the Midway, headed for Gate 4..." (and we were just sitting down for yet another Slaw Dog)
45. The Slaw Dog Mafia
46. Oh...Look that cow only needed to take a leak...
47. "What do you mean that I have to buy a ticket for the Truck & Tractor Pulls...I didn't last year..." (yes, we have for the last 3 years...)
48. What do you mean we have to go "pick up some stuff" what kind of stuff?" vs " spent $126 on Boxes and packing supplies..." who was more surprised...
49. "Holly is in my squad, and I hear her wife tackled a guy coming over the rail last night..." as spoken by Officer (Trevino) or something like that...(the cute one with the cute hair) "...I mean Husband..."
50. " Do you care about what I am saying...You DON'T have to work here...!'

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OK...I know I know...I'm On Vacation, OK!!!

OK. I get has been a long time between posts, and I have been plenty busy, and had plenty of things to blog about. But here is the issue. I just don't feel like carrying around my camera. I mean, trust me...The Fairgrounds is a target rich environment, and the sights this year have been horrendous. However I just can't quite bring myself to go get the camera out of the car. Therefore It looks like you will have to endure one of the hopefully rare, text only Blog's from the Hillenblog

First, I changed my Profile Pic...I hope I don't look like that, but I'm afraid I do.

There have been so many things going on, and some which I cannot talk about, I think I will just hit the high points, and make a cryptic list. It will be more cryptic for some than others.

0. And then there was a Boyfriend.
1. Then there was the talk
2. Down with Cable
3. Up with Dish Network
4. DSL is available in Rog!
5. We have an actual Phone Number again.
6. I don't know what it is, and we don't have a phone yet.
7. Football Camp in Rog, Thanks Lotz for turning my son into a future Jeep owner.
8. Way to go MATT! I have a notion how this is happening if you want me to 'splain it to you...
9. Lightning McQueen, Burch, Lotz, Scotty, Rog, The Rog boys, and Barrett. If I am ever Elected President, you guys are in my administration. (well mostly)
10. I have been doing alot of traveling lately, Monitor World, Guitar Land, Downstage, Upstage, On the deck, in the greenroom, by the ice cream, in the trailer, Catering, etc.
11. The Dancefloor, The Pool Girl, The Pool itself, and Hardees in general.
12. 12..well Twelve is a half a case...and a case is 24.
13. Saliva, drowning pool, drowning in a pool of just goes on from there.
14. The is a *@#!'n Clean Show.
15. Tucker, your the man!
16. Concessions people...keep the gates locked for crying out loud!
17. Don't walk there...that is not water...
18. The Pump truck is in route...I don't think so!
19. Blue Poo. Enough said.
20. The Stripper.
21. You can complain to my boss at the front of the e-Plex.
22. You want Cash!?
23. Slaw Dogs
24. Four-Corner it
25. $3 for a glass of tea.
26. Rog....whats the weather like INSIDE the trailer?
27. What songs does Eddie Money Sing?
28. Oh yeah, Barrett got braces (we are looking for sponsors to rent advertising space, $150 a month...and we will display anything in his teeth)
29. Which one is Gate 10?
30.'ll have to come back on Latino Day.