Thursday, December 27, 2007

Geography Experiment...

Tom & Laura:

While your in Korea right now...can you let us know if Oliver's picture is displayed right side up...and the rest of the Family is upside down?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Song

OK...In the interest of full disclosure, and since my sister has already outed me on her blog, and since my wife has already asked for this footage for her blog...and so I can show Jen that i am a good sport (as well as a pretty darn good singer) I will post this myself. Also, I want to thank Ethan for allowing him to borrow his new guitar, and a shout out to Chad for teaching my how to play it so well, in such a short amount of time...and in case you don't get all the way to the end...Have YOURSELF a Merry Little Christmas.

Away in the Manger

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Charlie Daniels - Late 70's - The South's Gonna Do it Again

Not only is the South Gonna Do it again...But SOMEONE very special to this blog is going to do it again. Again one more time. The Artist above is a Hint. Who wants to fill in the rest...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

OK...lets just get real here for a second. She never really had a chance...I mean...come on...She grew up next door to this....She saw the work in progress. There is no way she could resist the best dressed boy on the block. I admit it was unfair, but what was I guy in love to do? I had to impress her, get her attention. Let her know that I was a man that could take care of her for the rest of her life. Give her all the things that she deserved...only one regret, I wish I could still button my suit coat.

Merry Christmas Baby...

Monday, December 10, 2007

TOF- Drops some new vinyl...

buy Time of Favor's BRAND new Album "Cannonballs & Whispers" here

Either way make sure that you download track 6 that includes special guest vocalist, Skyler Hillenburg singing harmony on the chorus.

Remember kids...Ripping your friends music is not cool, especially if you are actually ripping your FRIENDS music...not just ripping the CD of a band that your friend happens to own. Suffice it to say...not buying this is a crime.

Finally! The long dark night is over...

Email The Jock 98.7 to thank them for bringing back the Don!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


1. Matt & Rachel try to decide what they want to wear tomorrow...
2. Queen tries to convince us that this is actually his way a beautiful woman like this would have anything to do with a guy like lightning McQueen...
3. What...You want to see our socks?
4. Patti! Our favorite server...if you want to eat the "Close runner up to" best Mexican food in town...but receive the BEST SERVICE IN TOWN...go to Costa Mesa on N. Glenstone...ask for Patti. Tell 'em Hillenblog sent ya.

After getting back from the Doctors office...

Rachel breaks the news to Matt about how many baby's she is carrying...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

OK...Somebody has to say it...

Something has been bothering me lately...and I've got to get this off my chest.

I would be so ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated if I was a part of this organization (pictured above) that called these guys "Brothers"...These guys have been "Picketing" (read, sitting on their rears) for months out here in front of Killian Construction. If I was Bill Killian, I wouldn't want to hire these guys either...if sitting on a fold-up lounge chair is their idea of a picket....If they can't work any harder than this...for something that they believe in (however twisted it might be) hard could they possibly work building a hotel or some other construction project somewhere? I mean come on...If your really a Union...and your really picketing...surely you can do better than this makeshift PVC pipe banner thing that you have made to have people carry back and forth...but your too lazy to even carry around, so instead you sit in a lounge chair from 10:00 am till about 2:00 then you call it a day and pack it in.

Seriously, would you want to pay part of your salary (involuntarily) to pay for your "Brothers" here, to sit out and get laughed at...and look like fools. While YOU are actually working at a job somewhere....I mean come on. Would you want to trust your families future income to these two guys...and the "bosses" that they work for in Kansas City or Chicago? or would you rather work for this guy...

I would love to be in Bill's helicopter just one time to see the looks on those guys faces when he comes flying in (not crossing) their picket don't "cross" a picket line when you are so far above (metaphorically speaking) this group of imbeciles that would rather sit our here (not in the rain or cold...mind you...they are only here on good weather days) instead of going out and getting a real job. I would be ashamed to come home at night and tell my son what I had done all day....and that my paycheck came from all my "Brothers" out there that were ACTUALLY working somewhere, so I could sit here and Pickett this guy...because he decides to hire people based on their qualifications, and their bid...instead of being bullied by the union tactics.

Don't get me wrong...I know that the union served a role in the American Industrial Revolution...and they have served some good in times past to protect workers from unreasonable working conditions, etc...I have some very close family that I dearly love that are members of unions, or have been, but the union (in my opinion) has long since past it's usefulness and wore out its welcome.

Come on guys...go get a real job!

Ok...Well, I feel much better now...thanks for th rant...


..."I think I had a blow-out..."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

When what to my wandering eye's did I seen?
But a miniature Nano, all covered in Green.

Congratulations Skyler!
Thanks for being a wonderful daughter, sister & person.
We are very proud of you for your accomplishments as a
Senior in High School, and we love you very much.

Mom, Dad & Barrett!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's happened again...


Security Dealer Magazine

Publisher’s Viewpoint...Keeping it Simple.

This month I reached out to Mark Hillenburg, Product Architect, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), Springfield, Mo., who shared his thoughts about the alarm industry and DMP’s vision for improving it.

Harlick: Mark, your Cancel / Verify software on DMP’s keypads and panels has been in the market for about six months now. How has this new feature been received?

Hillenburg: Right now central stations spend a great deal of their time verifying signals because current control panels do not tell the operator what the customer needs. Without a single call, a customer can now verify that help is needed immediately. It gives better service with less cost. Dealers and end users alike have had positive comments. It still will take several more months before we really get the full response from the market. But we are pleased with it, and our dealers seem to be as well.

Harlick: Organizations like Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) have worked tirelessly to educate local and state governments about the realities of non-response. What has DMP done to help educate installers and integrators about how to communicate or train their customers to the advantages of upgrading to this new technology?

Hillenburg: As I’m sure that you know, SIAC is funded by alarm manufacturers and alarm dealers, so of course we participate financially. Outside of that, we have tried to raise the level of understanding within the industry by addressing it with our products. After all, if we can create a solution to this issue, that is better than trying to convince people that there is no issue. Most false alarms are caused by some type of user error.

We feel that ease of use and removing the “fear” that some people have about using their alarm systems is paramount to this effort. We just released our latest user interface (keypad) that uses almost no words, everything is icon-based. We hope that this makes it easier for people to understand and use.

Harlick: In recent years we have witnessed a shift in the technology used for Critical Alarm Reporting. How do you see that continuing?

Hillenburg: DMP was part of the effort to enable alarm communication through the Internet and data networks back in 1996. By the end of 2008 research says that 78 percent of Americans will have some type of broadband Internet. However, that also means that many of those homes may not have POTS lines at all. Cell-only homes are growing 30 percent for younger people and continued strong adoption of VoIP means we have to have different strategies to transmit the alarm signals into the central station. As this is happening, the costs for using the wireless Internet are dropping. GSM/ GPRS data is used by almost everyone with a cell phone these days. It is a technology that we are very excited to see used for alarm communication. DMP is introducing a GSM-based product that is so tightly integrated with the control panel it will allow things like UL listings for line security to be redefined. If the control panel has multiple paths into the central station, all equally good, fast and reliable, it is advantageous to allow the panel itself to make the determination which path is best.

We thank Hillenburg for his time and will look for continued DMP innovation in 2008!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Looks Like Bobby Flay & I have something in common.

Photo by Hillenblog (c) 2006 - Made Possible by the generosity of Rick & Jan Britton

Bobby Flay visits San Antonio for a puffy taco throwdown

John Griffin
Express-News Dining Editor,

When Bobby Flay came to town seven years ago, the Food Network chef had never heard of a puffy taco. But he fell for the local favorite so hard that, on his first return visit last week, he challenged Diana Barrios Treviño to see who could make the best one.

Treviño has been making puffy tacos for years at Los Barrios on Blanco Road and La Hacienda de los Barrios on Redland Road. She even taught Flay how to make them in November 2000, when the two met during the filming of an earlier series of his, "FoodNation."

But Flay wasn't worried. "They're my favorite taco," he told the crowd that had gathered, adding that he makes them for himself at home. He also included a recipe in his cookbook, "Bobby Flay Cooks American."

Treviño had been demonstrating the art of making puffy tacos for the Food Network crew at La Hacienda before Flay and his entourage showed up.

Treviño explained what a puffy taco is, where it originated and how to make one. The dish is a true San Antonio invention, she said. Yet she refused to single out anyone as the creator. "I've heard so many different stories," she said. "But if you haven't had one, you're in for the treat of a lifetime."

She demonstrated how to fry fresh masa that has been pressed into a tortilla shape. Once the masa hit the oil, it began to puff up like a pillow that practically begged to be filled with picadillo or shredded chicken.

"A puffy taco can be filled with lots of different things," she said. "It's exactly what you want to add to it."

Flay arrived a few minutes later and greeted his friend with a hug. The two have remained in touch over the past seven years, with a mutual admiration that was forged over food. "She became my best friend over a puffy taco," he told the crowd.

Nobody was prepared for Treviño's mother, Viola Barrios, who started Los Barrios in 1979 on a $3,000 investment. Shortly after the cook-off began, Barrios left her daughter's team to help one of Flay's assistants after watching the woman struggle with getting the masa to puff properly. Barrios ended up making half of Flay's taco shells, to the assistant's great relief.

"How many throwdowns have you had where the competition comes to help you?" Treviño said.

"None," Flay replied.

The judges, Liberty Bar chef Oscar Trejo and Mozersky, agreed. They praised Treviño for her fresh guacamole and her shredded chicken, though both felt the taco could have been a little spicier. As for Flay's, well, "it doesn't taste bad, but it's not San Antonio," Mozersky said.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ladies & Gentleman...

...It is my privilege to present to you, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Albritton!

Get the whole Wichita scoop here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Missions Conference 2007 Photos

A few have asked to see the Missions Conference Photo's. So here they are.

Another Undefeated Season for LogRog

Of note...Barrett made a spectacular touchdown saving tackle on the 3 yard line after chasing down a kid over 50 yards on a breakaway Mountain Grove kick-off return. Way to hustle...and give 100% on every play. Our very own Bill Bates!Great Job B! Then...please take a look at images 6,7,8 & 9. It appears that Barrett may have fan club, as the LogRog 8th grade version of Paparrazzi was lying in wait after the game...trying to get a picture of #8. We had heard this rumor...of the "hot new kid" phenomenon...but looks like this confirms it.
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Lebanon Yellow Jackets fall to the W'Cats of LogRog...

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Happy Birthday Lotz!

Happy Birthday Crystal Blue Persuasion!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

$5000 Pie in the face...

And oh what a pretty face it was...I think we pretty much all saw this coming...especially image #9...Well everybody except for maybe Gary.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vegas Baby...happy to be home.

1. On the way out...we came across a Weather Balloon that was 19 miles ahead of us, and 120,000 foot altitude.
2. Here is what it looked like out the window to the naked eye.
3. The Pepermill is a mandatory stop on your Las Vegas tour...of course we did not eat here this trip.
4. The Strip...
5. The Crew...Welcome aboard Joe
6. Hoover Dam...Lake Mead.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bill Bates

If Bill Bates doesn't get you in the mood to for football...I don't know what does.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wildcat Football

Although Barrett did not Start on Offense or Defense, he saw plenty of playing time at the first game of the 2007-2008 LogRog Wildcats who are trying to continue the undefeated season from last year. Last years 7th grade team went 6-0, and with a strong showing last week against Reeds Spring, these now 8th grade class looks like they are in good shape to repeat. This coming week, they play TWICE (Yeah, I know...weird) on Tue (at Buffalo) and Thur (at Bolivar). Come out and support #8 as he works his way into a starting spot on this talented 8th grade squad.

Friday, September 07, 2007


What would you have if Nick Burns girlfriend was from Australia and she was missing a knee?

Hint: Ward, “Have the Beav' walk the Dingo”

See Comments for additional hints

Monday, September 03, 2007

As Per Eluded to...

An anonymous group if individuals made the annual Labor Day (Federal Trespassing) pilgrimage to the Devils Den. This time we brought a rope. The rope was like what my dad always said about a four-wheel drive truck. ...."It just allows you to get stuck in a worse place (than a two wheel drive truck)".... One of the more adventurous of the group (not to mention the one in the best physical shape) decided to lower himself down the 20 feet or so beyond the ledge that we had previously ventured. As you can see in Photo #3. To truly appreciate the scale of this crag in the earth look carefully...that is a person standing at the tip of the black water that makes up the unknown & unexplored underwater portion of the Den.
True to the tale of our undisclosed tour guide from last year told, under the ledge that we were standing on, there is a cave that goes back some 30 feet. Unknown is the contents of said cave. Spelunkers we are not. More accurately we would be described as purveyors of Ozarkian Dare Devilry. Also we are not very prepared with a good light, nor did we think of sending the camera down there to take some flash photography.
As we started to leave, we noticed a shadowy figure (with quite a fine figure I might add) watching over us, just adding more suspense and mystery to the secluded location. Weird.

So...We were at some people's house today...

When much to my wandering eye's should behold but a drawer, and a Burch...the contents untold.

Guess the contents of the drawer, you're a psychic...guess the contents of the're an ultrasound machine.

Labor day would not be labor day without a little Devils Den

Ever been in a FIlipino prison...Jonny?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Coacher Wins...

Cindy said she went thru all the drawers...and all the closets...and this is the only thing she could find...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You have to see is the coolest thing...

Top Secret Location of Big Brother House here
See Back into the Future here
Better wear some Sunscreen for here

Monday, August 27, 2007

Truly great friends are hard to find,
difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

G. Randolf

"The road to a friend's house is never long."
Danish Proverb

Other than my Wife and Daughter...

These are the two prettiest girls I know...and I think that this photo captures their individual personalities!

disgruntled CBS employee leaks BB8 love triangle


As a disgruntled former employee I feel it is within my right to exact revenge in whatever way I can against a network who bullied me into resignation, (matters of which I won’t discuss). So, for all you Big Brother fans who have been claiming the show is boring and needs another twist, well prepare yourself for this: Have you heard Eric speak of a “long distance girlfriend?” Well, that “long distant girlfriend” wasn’t so distant for the entire season!!! In fact, Eric and his “long distant girlfriend” had never met in person. It was an internet based relationship and unbeknownst to him, his “long distance girlfriend” was in this BB8 house, and will be returning to the house in the coming weeks! Who you ask?….CAROL!!!! Don’t believe me??? Proof- Why would CBS have Carol & Jessica in the house as “Arch-rivals”? They didn’t even know what they were “Rivals” for! A fight over $5 years ago when they were in school together, seriously?!!- Why has CBS been so coaxing of the relationship blossoming between Eric & Jessica? So that they will have a drama filled ending to the season! While I do behold a great disdain for CBS, I will never accuse them of lacking intellect. They know exactly what they are doing. They have been riding out the dramatic antics of Dick for as long as they can. Once that drama ends and Dick is removed, they intend to re-introduce CAROL to the house. If Dick isn’t removed within the next couple of weeks, Carol will return regardless. While I hold no grudge against CBS viewers, I felt leaking this classified information would be a great way to retaliate. Sorry to the viewers, HAHA to CBS!

Carol and Eric Eric and Jessica

What a wonderful world - Shadow Puppets

Thanks Dannah!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Second Story Job...

While we were at Admin & Admins-Wife's house (great new kitchen!) tonight...Cindy snuck upstairs and actually stole something out of their bedroom. This is a VERY PERSONAL item. Guess what it is. I will post a ransom photo of the item in a few days....If no one guesses what it it. If you guess what it is. I will give you the item for keeps. It's a Contest.