Thursday, March 30, 2006

Roscoe P. (& Poop) Wade

Captions from Left to Right...

"Lord...Please don't let him be like Ryan...he scares me"

"'s a Boy!"

"Mother...Cover him know how private Missy is..."

" Harses, Harses, Horses!!!...Why could I not wear the horses gown..."

Congratulations to the Happy Family...and congratulations to whatever Blog got the scoop on the sure wasn't Hillenblog! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

wanna know what hail damage looks like?

Looks like the Hillenblog's abode took a hail of a beating the other evening...These are some close-ups of my roof I pulled off of Google can that thing zoom in.

Just joking...I actually had to climb up there.

Wonder what a new roof looks like? Posted by Picasa

Glendale High School Concert Choir

Skyler is the one on the front row...far left...(with her face turned away from the camera)....That Kevin Hawkins runs a tight ship...the best darn High School Choir in the Nation...I hear tell. We are lucky that Skyler is in his class. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I know I've been gone a while...

But whose Bedroom is this? actually folks...I have not been blogging because Cindy & I finally got sick of our tired old budoir...and decided to kick it up a This is the final product. I call it "Modern Loft Chiq', Eclectic Shabby Designed on a Dime-Thai Style" (or Ty Style...for all you Ty fans out there). On top of that we got rid of the DUN. Dun. Duh..u..uh.h..... Water Bed (to understand that last part you have to picture Teri Roy standing in front of you with her hand held horizontal above her you read each dun...she moves her hand down signifying the notes go down...and the last note is about at her in old movies when the vilian comes on screen) ...after sleeping on a water bed since I was a sophomore in High School (the same water bed mind you) is quite a change. A nice change. Cindy also decided that she wanted to snuggle we opted for a full size bed in trade for the extra room in our room. It is a nice trade off...and we are getting used to sleeping close. I like it. Also I might mention that instead of buying a bed...I was able to convince Cindy that I could buy the tools to build a bed...for the same money...and then I would have some tools to work with on future projects (like the Hardwood Floors that are going in the living room next {shout out to Jonny Jeppesen} I built our new "Platform Bed" from the old water bed it..etc. re-did the chest, (of drawers)[...get your mind out of the Dr.90210 gutter] did a skim coat of sheetrock mud on the walls, with heavy trowell marks...and a faux finish paint scheme.

To recap:
A Layer of Mud, Primer, & Three Coats of Paint: Three weeks and $178
A Table Saw, Compound Miter Saw, Air-compressor w/ nail gun: $401
New Platform Bed: Free
Creating a Warm Romantic Space to Spend Time with your Sweety: PRICELESS!
(and definately worth all the effort)...thanks for your help Cin...I love you. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

so...I wonderd why my property taxes keep going down...

This is no joke...if you go here you will see the "official" photo of the Hillenblog's house as far as the Greene County Accessor's office is concerned. Nice that they took the photo on one of the days of the Annual Hillenblog Multi-family Garage/Yard Sale. You can also go search the names of all your other friends and relatives and see if anyone has a worse photo.