Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something kind of amazing happened the other day...

Although I think this is not likely the first time this has ever is the first time its ever happened to me. To that end...I thought it was cool enough to blog about...(which is a pretty rare occurrence these days).

A few weeks ago I was paging through my FaceBook Stream...and I noticed that some friends of our that had recently moved to Kansas City had gone on a Hot Air Balloon ride to celebrate their One Year Anniversary.  (First I thought...Way to go Marcus...You've done good, but set the mark pretty high for say...Anniversary 10)

I looked at a couple of the pictures...and moved on.

About two or three posts later in my stream...was a post from another friend of mine...who I havent seen in a long time...but I know he is an avid outdoorsman...and cyclist. He had posted a pic of his bicycle...and a quote...about everything being cooler on a bike. The Pic was one that he had posted mobile...and it was his bicycle handlebars...with a hot air balloon in the background.

As I glanced at his dawned on me...that both of them lived in the Greater Kansas City area...and I you think...? What are the chances? no...surely not.

So I went and looked a bit closer...and sure enough... Can you believe it...Within a few posts within my stream...was a picture taken of a hot air balloon when on a bike ride...and another picture taken from the hot air balloon of the countryside...that almost certainly contains the bicyclist.  Wow... seven Degrees of Separation? I think not.

I'm sure this takes place in Big cities and at events all the time...but I thought it was pretty cool...and completely underlines the statistic that I read recently about 4% of all photos ever taken in the history of man...being uploaded to FB. I believe it...and that number is only going to increase. According to some statistics 10% of all the pictures taken in the history of photography have been taken in the last 2 years. If those are both true... FB will house 50% of all pictures in no time at all.