Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Car Wreck...

So this morning I was involved in a little NASCAR like accident. Except for the fact that there was A dog on the track & we were going opposite directions... It was just like a race. I could see him skidding toward me, I dropped below the white line, into the grass. Almost missed me... But clipped my left side & pushed me into the inside wall(barbwire fence) and blew out my left rear GoodYears. Luckily no one injured, my LogRog-Wildcat-DuPont-O'reilly pit crew fixed me enough to drive it in to the garage & figure out what to do next. Thankful for insurance and God's protection. No Fist fights were reported, & the other guys insurance is already to pay up on Friday... Pray for big $, but not too big :-).

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