Sunday, December 25, 2016

Family Christmas Poem 2016

In 1917 my great-great-grandpa A. Z. Matthews started the tradition of writing a Christmas Poem that would be read during the family Christmas Program...(what, does your family just open presents!?) For all of my formative years, we celebrated Christmas this way at my Grandparents, Stanley & LaVaughn Doubt's House in Kirbyville, MO. As we kids grew older and the difficulties that life brings changed the look and shape of our family, somehow we have almost  outgrown the practice. Some years it happens, others not. 
As I look back at the blessing that have been handed down to me, by a wonderful family....I am prompted to pick up the tradition and make it our own, for my kids and grandkids. So to that end, 99 years from the day that it all started, last night at 11:45 I picked up a pencil and started writing. (Click Here to read them all)

The Hillenburg Family Christmas Poem 2016

Its Christmas Day Twenty-Sixteen and the Hillen’s are together which is our routine.

To celebrate the arrival & miraculous birth; of the One who saves us/offers peace on the earth.

This Family Christmas Poem is not a new thing; ninety-nine years its been going, since nineteen-seventeen.

Fond memories I have from years gone by; when the family would read them & the adults would cry.

Telling stories of how we had grown or moved on; this family christmas poem honor’s Stanley and LaVaungn.

So now we get to the festivities at hand, and tell how the Lord’s blessed us with babies so grand.

Last year we received only one week apart; two strapping young boys that immediately stole our heart.

Skyler & Chad had waited so long, ever wanting a child to them to belong.

God sent down from heaven a beautiful son, this year we celebrated Archie turning one.

Barrett & Tara, were working at a San Diego church; when the Lord decided to bless them with more than a perch.

Jerry & Elaine made the long trip to Missouri; but didn’t last long once Harvey was born early.

This year these boys have started to walk, and are mastering sounds and learning to talk.

Both families live across just one street, raising boys into men who impress all they meet.

Chad & Barrett make very incredible dad’s; Archie & Harvey are very, very lucky young lads.

As mom’s go, these two boys couldn’t have any better, Tara & Skyler make homes feel like a comfy ole sweater.

And if thats not enough to make grandparents cry…Barrett & Tara have another that will join us in July.

Ninny and I are so proud we could pop, but I mustn’t go on…I’ll bring this poem to a stop.

Twenty-sixteen offered good times and bad, new jobs, new church’s and new challenges we’ve had.

From spiders to cars to things we don’t understand; to terror and safety and the leadership of this land.

Its not easy being mom’s or dad’s in this world, tons of issues and problems around you  is swirled.

The only advice I can give is not new, but tired and old and tested and true.

Stay together, a unit, thats led by the One, who’s Name we call Jesus, God’s only Son.

This poem’s full circle, I suppose that makes sense…next year we will gather and tell of what’s happened hence.

Merry Christmas to all as a new year unfurls….to 2017 and the birth of some girls. 

Mark Hillenburg, 12-25-2016