Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Scott Mills (Smills) is officially recognized as the "Brain Trust" that had the whale of an idea to re-align the Ozark Empire Fair traffic routing plan. He is presented with an honorary SMILLS BLVD Street sign. Way to go Scotty.

This is my patanted "noisy room Cell phone move"...that Skywriting is making fun of...see what type of constant abuse that I take. No Respect.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oddly enough only seconds before this person was scolding me to "update your blog"...well its updated! Contest: Create a storyline about this person, cows, and any other "Blogger" on this site. The Story must start like this. "The other day I was eating lunch with my eyes closed again...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here are the Hillen's off to the first day of School. Hillenjunior with his first day of school as a Middle Schooler...and Skybabble is no longer a Frosh...but a Sophmore.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today is my Dad's Birthday...Happy Birthday Dad! This Photo has 3 Generations built in to that is why I picked it for the cover of this E-Card. My dad had a 55 Chevy (two door post) like this one...This is MY favorite restaurant...and Barrett took this picture. (I know...kindof a stretch) However my Dad bought a he might actually be able to see this.

It Just occured to me...that I have never introduced you all to my cousin Shanny (not Vinny) She is the Bride. Her husband Scott, is about a foot taller than her.(as you can see/not see) K1...she had the cool Cupcake Cake at her wedding. Her Sister Lindsey has a tongue wagging issue...and my other cousin Dani (who now I hear has blue-ish hair, a tattoo and is attending Baylor as a frosh) gives B. peck on the cheek. (no Sweet 16 party for him).

My cousin Shannys husband (Scott) Pickup Truck caught on fire last night in the rain, after being parked for 3 hours. Interesting. Theories...anyone...anyone...Beuller?

Is it just me? or is this picture an ironical sort of way...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rachels Surprise

Photo Credit to Lisa Wilson. This is easily one of the best things I have witnessed in a long time. Before you is the image of Rachel, as she is on the phone with Ty Pennington from the Extreme Home Makeover show that they are video taping in Purdy, MO at Camp Barnabas. Her husband Matt is working on the Painting for the episode. Matt was playing Poker with Ty in his tent...and got Ty to call Rachel on her cell Phone. Rachel was so was phenomenol. She was actually doing that little "Snoopy" dance where her feet were off the floor. Very funny.

Monday, August 22, 2005

What are you kids doing with the Camera? Oh Nothing..."...don't worry about it..."

A short Story takes us across the tiles.

Dedicated to Nick Burns.

Patti. Hugo's Way leads to the Little Church in the woods, Where you can forge a lasting bond and conduct a ceremony that will leave you bound together, take stock. It may seam like things are spinning out of control, but earily, they are not. Join the Club...take the plunge. It's like a walk in the park.

The Characters in this story are neither real or imagioned...and anything resembling reality is purely a coincidence. No animals were harmed in the filming of this short story.

Semper Reformanda

Multiple Choice?

A. Always Performing
B. Always Changing Keys
C. Always Reforming
D. Always in Tune.

Twenty Five Years of Tuckers

Across, Not Down.
1. Is it me...or is Gary and Morgan making the same face/
2. Front/Back Yes/No On Again/Off Again True/False.
3. Missy and I hope you to get famous and make us both lot's of money.
4. Rob, incognito...not wanting to be too specific...or too descriptive. (PS...he was getting along with his entire family this night)
5. Is Tuck the Maid of Honor?...You join good Royblog is the only other male Bridesmaid (of Honor) I have ever known. But I don't think even he had to hold a bouquet.
6. Sunset over Tablerock. (Can you see those guys breaking in to the boatdocks way back in that cove?)
7. Aunt Fern...
8. The entire Tucker Family, It appears that "Maid-of-Honor" has left a bad taste in Brian's mouth.
9. However...(this shot was only a second too late) but the only taste left in Randy's mouth was...well...Tammie.

Happy Birthday to Anna & Sophie!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The First DTB "get together" was tonight...and if you weren't were square. I had no idea that the DTB was doing so well that they could afford such a sumptious spread. Contest. Photo's one through nine (going across, not down) Caption these Photo's. (Keep it clean folks...this is a family show)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Shout out to the Wilson's for a GREAT DAY at the lake...we love you guys. Thanks for all the good times...Sorry about the food poisening and accitentally mooning the "pool police". I hope that doesn't cause too many problems at the next neighborhood meeting. Lisa...I hope this picture was OK to post of you...NOT like the one you specifically told me NOT to post. That would have been too embarrassing for everyone. (I still can't believe YOU did that). Look Jen, bad pictures of other people...I branching out.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Although my sources shall remain assured your concerns are for knot and they are not mean-spirited or vindictive. Please forgive any typos as I'm typing while i'm driving down HWY65.

Sent via Cingular Blackbery

So...Wanna see a couple of REAL baseball fans in action. That's right we went to the Springburg Cardinals game last you can read from Sky's Blog...she read and checked out the hot guys (apparently).

So whats up with Jappy?

Since Jen Jeppsen and I have come to an agreement, similar to that made by the Soviet Union and the US back during the cold war. I will not post any embarrasing photo's of Jen(although I have them) and if you were to scour the internet thouroghly you might still find something (until I can get it removed). However I am only left with this question...What are the chances of someone naned Jen Jeppsen marring someond named Jonny and ANOTHER Jen Jeppsen marrying someone name Jappy? (see the link above)

This is the face that Jen has taught her daugther to make at me (her "Enemy"). Little Pitchers have big ears...and obviously the Hillenblog has been "cussed" & discussed in a way that the "little un's" at the Jeppsen house think I am their mothers worst "Enemy". Go Figure. In reality I think Jonny is the 'salt of the earth' and he married Jen...and I just love Jen's Parents...and her sisters are so talented...Weird where she would get that impression.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

If you can look past the "Bright Eyed" can see behind him that there is SOMEONE that is chowing down on some type of frozen libation. Of course if I re-cropped this could see the entire person, whoever she is...enjoying her Fair Food in all it's glory. Does anyone want to see who this mystery person is? Does this Mystery Person want to "take it to the next level". Should this Mystery person ask themselves...Have I spent any time at the home of a there any photographs out there that of camp...or other awkward times in my life...because none of US have ever seen any of those times...It would be quite entertaining for us to see this NEW information. Of course all of us have already seen Hillenblog in all his adolesence...because we lived through it all together. Huh...This unknown Fair Food Eater seams at quite a disadvantage. What a shame.

Well...That just about sumarizes the sights and sounds (for the most part) of my Fair experience. Once again the main reason to work at the for the food, and to see what it's like to be Scott Mills (in other words...have Sam as a Boss). Also a Shout Out to Amy Beth and Lisa. Fair Food of note in Reverse Order. Tornado Taters, Cinnamon Rolls by Christopher, TUESDAY is coney day!, of course Corn Dogs and Jug-o-Root Beer, Pork Loin Sanich, Pinapple Whip (not pictured) and #1. Slaw Dogs.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Brad!...7HI5 15 "her" $he H4$ r34d YOUR 8lO9 @nd I$ $7Ill in7Er3$+3d IN 4 DoubL3 D4+e W1+H yOu, CINDY 4nD I. wH4+ dO J00 +hinK...? WhEn dO j00 w@Nt 7O 9O?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Great Seats!

Thanks to Greg Roy for the Swell Trip to the Ballpark that other night...I have a couple shots of the view from his seat. Thanks again Royblog!

Come out and Play at the Fair.