Monday, January 21, 2008

"I am having a dream speech"...But when Bill wakes up he is still married to her.

Burch...Need I say more...

So... Friday night Matt and the kids came over to hang out while Cindy and Rach went to a shower/prayer meeting. At one point I went to sleep in my chair dropping my coffee cup on the floor & leaving Matt unsupervised in our house for at least 20 minutes. When I woke up I thought nothing of it, but now I go to load a couple of pictures that I had taken this weekend, and I see this image is on my camera.

Dear Abby:

Should I Stop drinking decaffeinated coffee? Only invite Rachel over by herself? Give Matt my old socks and buy new? Report Matt to the Webster County officials? Demand to rummage around in his sock drawer? Find a new hiding place for my unrated version of '40 Year Old Virgin" that Helter Shelter gave me for Christmas? Let his parents know that he spends his days messing around over by a street full of duplex's doing who know what? Bring this, and all the other evidence I have (I'm not suggesting anything...but ever notice that Olly doesn't resemble Matt that much?) against this family of rabble-rouser's, ruffians and miscreants to the Deacon Board next meeting?

Please help me know what to do.

Mortified in Missouri.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strafford Tornado Map

Click on the Map Image above to be linked to the interactive Google Map. You might have to select (My Maps & Show Images from Picasa Web Albums in the menu to the left) I guess we were very lucky...The Tornado's path was only 1.4 miles from both our parents house. Our sympathy goes out to Micheal Jacques family, and all those that have been displaced or their houses destroyed. Brett & Stacy Soden and Lenae Lazelle.

Friday, January 11, 2008

What happens when your in Vegas...

Stays in Vegas...unless, what happens while I'm in Vegas is at home. Then I guess it just tears up the whole neighborhood.
Ok...I must admit, that I missed the entire event...Cindy did a great job at protecting the family (including Crystal) by having everyone huddle in the laundry room. I think she was even doing laundry while she was in there. Thanks Cindy..Sorry I was in Vegas to make weather the weather alone.
Pic #3 was the total sum of the damage at our house.
#8...can you believe the wind blew over a brick mailbox!
and lots of shingles blown off all over Leabrooke. Fortunate compared to many.

HSBC is doing a Gift Card shower for Brett and Stacy Soden...they lost everything...Cindy and I have known Brett since 3rd Grade, and he is the Principal at ye ole Strafford High. You can see a before Photo here at Cindy's 20yr Reunion and an after Picture here. I would encourage you to stop off at Wal-Mart and Pick up a gift card for them...

Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses

Think about it...Have you EVER walked down the hallway to your hotel room and seen any drinking glasses on the cleaning cart headed for the dishwasher? I haven't. Paper Cups please!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Live from CES 2008

1. Blue Ray is here to stay, the HD-DVD ship is sailing.
2. Life Size Transformers.
3. HP has a new Twist on things...
4. By far the largest booth I have ever seen, Samsung is mammoth.
5. This is for G-W. It's time to upgrade the boat.
6 & 7. Thin is in. How about a 56" 1080P Plasma Screen that is a full 9mm Thick.
8. The Mesa Grill. Bobby Flay just cooks food better than other people!
9. Samsung wrapped the whole side of this 15 story hotel.

This is easily the most WOW trade show that I have ever seen, it is littered with mid-level celeb's and musicians...and 200,000 attendees. One of the coolest things is the new Pioneer HD Technology.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The American Dream...

Old News is still News...and this is not that old yet.

Congrats Brad & Jenny. We are so happy for you!

Brad, to help you out...I am taking the liberty of creating a To Do List for the expectant groom.

1. Register at Bass Pro
2. Make sure wedding invitations envelopes do not contain lethal levels of toxic glue.
3. Do whatever Jenny and her Mother tells you to do, imediately, exactly & with the right heart attitude (that includes getting a haircut or your eyebrows waxed or a pedicure if requested)
4. Select a Honeymoon destination.
5. Make sure that all your wedding Photo's are taken before the ceremony (don't believe anything anybody says about any crazy superstition...unless it is Jenny's Mother...then try to compromise)
6. Do whatever Jenny and her Mother tells you to do, imediately, exactly & with the right heart attitude.
7. Select a grooms cake server (this is very important to do early as there are a shortage of trained, expereinced grooms cake servers)
8. Make it known that you expect to be at Jenny's wedding shower to help carry out anything that the girls might need carried
9. Make sure that you make it known that you want to have at least one couples shower or a guy's shower/bar-b-que (kill two birds with one stone...see Number 7 above)
9. See if the Fairgrounds is available for the wedding...then act disapointed when it is booked.
10. Do whatever Jenny and her Mother tells you to do, imediately, exactly & with the right heart attitude.
11. Under no circumstances shall you suddenly have any opinons about colors, food, flowers, music or poetry.
12. Start writing your vow's. Even if you don't plan on using them, it's good to have them in the can in a pinch.
13. Write a love song...have Ryan & Missy sing it.
14. Select a Honeymoon destination.
15. Do whatever Jenny and her Mother tells you to do, imediately, exactly & with the right heart attitude.