Thursday, August 13, 2009

Move forward, bigger and better things are ahead...

If you are unhappy at your church; should you change churches? Or change you? Those are the only options. Consider them both fully before you make a decision. Once decided, take your action and don’t look back. Move forward, bigger and better things are ahead of you; provided you make the right decision.

Recruiting people to your discontent is wrong and childlike. It is a hollow attempt to justify your decision by convincing others (and yourself) that you are right. It shows the root of your issue and bears witness to the character of the individuals that play such games.

Why be more concerned with the ease in which we are willing to allow you to go, than you are with the ease in which you decided to leave.

If you’re not happy at Shanghai Inn, don’t scream at Flossie, go to Hong Kong Inn. Not happy there, go to Canton Inn. Don’t like their sauce, go to Fire & Ice…Maybe the common denominator between all of your disappointments is you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

@RickWarren on Twitter...

RickWarren On Twitter...So much wisdom this guy should write a book :-)

Seriously as you may have noticed...I have been following @RickWarren on Twitter...and to spare you of all the RT of his...I thought I would just post them all (he only started 2 weeks ago). This is some good stuff. Read will be blessed!

  1. Reading more sociology than soteriolgy=no power! It's the Cross,theCross,theCross! 27,000 baptized here by preaching Jesus from web
  2. Most imp.confession:U R the Christ! Mt16:16 2nd most:We're only men!Acts14:15 My stressrelief mantra:GOD is God & I’m not!
  3. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #lead #pastor #church
  4. @stevenfurtick "&when ur dead,they deify you" True! There r no statues of critics;only of guys demonized while
  5. CH Plants-When small,they dismiss u.When ugrow,they discredit u.When larger,they dislike u.When big,they defame. LOVE them! Rom12:21
  6. There's no GROWTH without change.No CHANGE w/o loss.No LOSS w/o grief.No GRIEF w/o pain.Lead change with kindness.Rom.2:4
  7. @kimbrow Thanks for being a spiritual father to us young nextgen pastors. KIM, I call you guys "The Reformation Generation" Acts13:36
  8. Whenever u play it safe,u reinforce your fears.Dont debate it.DO it! MOVE against fear.Step into the river.Josh.3:7-16
  9. Feelin'the love! RT@adrianwarnock Why I love Warren Loved ur wkend reports. Proud of you pastors!
  10. Pastors=most UNDERRATED influence in America.More go hear them on ONE WKEND than to all pro sport events combined in A YR!
  11. What we laugh at reveals a culture's heart.When impurity & mediocrity are considered hilarity we have a problem Houston.
  12. What grows a church is no secret:TRANSFORMED LIVES! If they're genuinely changed u’d have to lock doors to keep people out.
  13. Pastors, ur stories about today's services sent to me @rickwarren are amazing! Rom12:15 I'll post some on
  14. If u are a church planter 1)let me know so I can follow u, 2) follow@rickwarren so we can talk directly, 3) follow @ronsylvia
  15. I'm following ALL pastors.Did a 10 day fast praying for allpastors & want to hear how services go today- good & bad.
  16. Saddleback's own Kyle Loza wins X GAMES GOLD for 3rd time! I interview him this wkend.
  17. The greatest churches are yet to BE! Built on God's purposes by guys who learn from mentors.I intend to help them succeed
  18. @Lamarslay FOLLOW @RickWarren-In 1month u'll learnmore about growing a church than in any seminary.THANKS for ur kindwords
  19. "Leader" is not a title u give yourself. It is given by others after sacrificing & putting their needs first. Mk.10:45
  20. I’m unmpressed by guys energetic to lead but allergic to serving.Dont tell me u love to lead.Love being a servant.Mt.20:26
  21. Every pastor has to decide what he wants most: Control or Growth.U can't have both.The bottleneck is always at the top.
  22. For growth, the pastor must give up control of the ministry & the people must giveup control of the leadership.Acts 6:1-7
  23. 3Borneo pastors beheaded for refusing to denounce faith in Christ -
  24. @pastoroga May I RT ur tweets in Spanish? OF COURSE! Retweeting can be a powerful ministry. 2 Tim.2:2
  25. Knowing how to quit is as important as knowing how to start. Every project need both a genesis and an exodus. Eccl.7:8
  26. Here's a pic of @RickWarren talking to about 75 pastors at Relevant Magazine HQ right now:
  27. Enjoying dinner at Maggiano's with my buddy Cameron Strang.
  28. Perfectionism paraylzes potential & promotes procrastination.Eccl. 11:4 "If u wait for perfect conditions,u'll never get anything done."
  29. Speaking at AOG Convention in Orlando tomorrow. Still stuck in plane on LA tarmac for over an hr.- equipment malfunction!
  30. Major loss? Do what King David did: Focus on what's left,not what's lost. Play it down & pray it up.2 Sam.12'21-23
  31. Greg Laurie, my dear friend, is preaching at Saddleback this wkend & we're showing Lost Boy. Pray for Harvest Crusade.
  32. You'll never be fully satisfied on earth because u were made for FAR MORE.At death u won’t leave home-u’ll go home2Cor5:1
  33. To win people you must be WITH people -like Jesus. Pharisees labeled it compromise but He called it compassion.Be like him
  34. - John Stott's BASIC CHRISTIANITY-a"must read" I wrote Foreword.My mentor& I co-preached sermon together
  35. Its wise to learn from experience but WISER to learn from others.Its faster&less painful but it takes humility. Pr.19:20
  36. If you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, would you have any friends? Psalm 139
  37. Pr.29:25-The approval of others is a TRAP.Only way to avoid criticism is to say,be &do nothing!Live for an audience of ONE
  38. Ended my10day fast.Asked God to bless all pastors,my family&church. critics&enemies.Email 4 info
  39. When tempted,dont resist-REFOCUS.What u resist persists because it has ur attention. Just turn your mind away.James1:14-15
  40. Love always attracts! Jesus drew crowds."If I'm lifted up,I'll draw ALL to me" What about you & your church?
  41. @thejoelstein A mess of bibilical proportions! "scraps of paper blown down the street"Hosea13:3 (Mes) Hrs to clean up! rw
  42. A weakness of many leaders is not trusting their followers! Free Markets &Ministries unleash God-given creativity.Let go!
  43. Some problems are UNSOLVABLE.If u cant solve it-manage it.If u cant manage it-accept it.But always trust God.2Chron20:12
  44. Holiness,not happiness,is life's goal.To grow thru problems.dont ask WHY? Ask WHAT do U want me to learn? Rom8:28-29
  45. The Gospel is not about prosperity,pleasure,position,passions,possessions,or problem-free living. Its a PERSON-Jesus
  46. I'm following every one of u church planters/pastors who tweet me.Thanks for letting me know Ur out there.I'm Ur fan!
  47. Worry is worthless.Never solves any problem.Stewing w/o doing.WORSHIP,not worry,will give you your answer.Mt6:25-34
  48. Deep thanks to U who help me share Bible wisdom by retweeting.Together, OUR ministry partnership is serving many. Ph.1:5
  49. Never confuse your value with ur valuables,nor ur networth for ur self-worth.The greatest things in life arent things.
  50. To LOOK past behavior & SEE the hunger&hurt in others u must SPEND TIME w them. It takes CONTACT lenses.
  51. @Alebmalu inBrazil"Unbeliever friends want to start agroup to study PurposeDrivenLife.How?" @BrettEastman HELPS ALL!
  52. Resentment kills. Whoever MAKES you angry controls you. Unless you release them, you'll begin to resemble them.Job5:2
  53. @CliffBarrows Cliff,u made my day! U've led milliions toChrist w BG & at 86 ur tweeting! Everyone follow Cliff & pray 4 his eyesight
  54. @BrettEastman Rick. how many of your tweetsare actually from you? Answer:100% Ghostweeting is fake in my book. rw
  55. If you can't talk about it, its already out of control. Hiding a hangup on intensifies it. James 5:16
  56. If we were more consistent in confessing our temptations, we wouldn't have to do as much confessing of sins.
  57. GQFF (great quotes from friends) "Both the deadness of liberalism & the deadness of traditionalism kill churches"@pastorjdgreear
  58. GQFF:If Satan can get us angry, we're off our game.We cant be caught in emotional tennis matches that destroy our witness @macbrunson
  59. GQFF (great quotes from friends)"The only thing worse than pride is being prideful & not knowing it" @johnnymhunt
  60. The Gospel is sweet enough by itself & doesn’t need sugarcoating. What needs sweeting is our sour attitudes toward others
  61. - Yesterday I crashed a college pool party by surprise. Uninvited I ran in yelling & cannonballed.I shot this w ...
  62. Every style goes out of style.The only way to always be relevant is to focus on what's eternal-God's purposes Ps33:101
  63. Q&A17 There's nothing new about the NewAge. It's the oldest lie:"You can be god" Gen3:5 You're not even a mini-god.
  64. Q&A16Acceptance isnt approval.Jesus publicly defended a woman’s dignity w/o approving her sin.He corrected privately.Copy him!
  65. People keep asking. YES! No one ghost tweets for me! I'm personally answering questions from the communty. RICK
  66. Q&A15No one is argued into the Kingdom.We love people to Christ by serving them.Meeting felt needs is Christlike.Mk10:51
  67. Q&A14 The 2 primary reasons people don’t follow Christ: 1) They’ve never met a follower. 2)They have. 1 Cor10:32
  68. Q&A13If I see how others should change but can’t see where Ineed to change I need more time in self-examination.1Cor11:31
  69. Q&A12 More would loveJesus if we who believe the doctrines of grace were gracious!Our lives must“adorn” doctrine.Titus2:10
  70. Q&A11God made us Thinkers,Feelers or Doers so we’d need each other.Discipleship is doctrinal,emotional& practical.Rom12:10
  71. Q&A10Don’t tryto be something;be someone.WHO u are matters more thanWHAT u are.U take character,not reputation,to heaven
  72. 4 of 6 worship services over.Time to answer questions.Thanks for retweeting these!
  73. Finished 3 day retreat w my PEACE Plan staff. Due to them, 8,212 members have witnessed &served in 137 nations past 5 yrs.
  74. If you were adopted or raised by others: Who you were born FROM is not necessarily who you were born FOR! Jer.1:5
  75. Some guys think they are prophets but they’re just unloving&cranky.TRUE prophets “strengthen, encourage&comfort” 1Cor 14:3
  76. Pr.24:16 "Tho a righteous man falls 7 times, he rises again"The righteous arent perfect,just persistent.Get back up!
  77. Persistence purifies our prayers. If I'm not willing to pray for something more than once, its a whim, not a real desire.
  78. Worship is focusing my attention on God,expressing my affection to God,using my abilities for God,&placing my trust in God.
  79. The ultimate test of faith: Will you love & trust & worship God even if everything goes wrong in your life? Job 15:13
  80. Blogging can be a powerful tool for good or evil. I'm just opposed to people who do nothing but take pot shots at others.
  81. I'm not just PRO-Life,I'm WHOLE Life.I want her to grow up w/o abuse or poverty, healthy&educated&fulfilling God's purpose
  82. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Bloggers fiddle while the world goes to hell.Misplaced prioriies. 1st John3:16
  83. There are "doers of the Word" & there are do-nothing critics. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are arguing. A waste.
  84. 148 million orphan in the world. Each one needs a FAMILY not an orphanage!Get Russell Moore's "Adoption for Life" book
  85. Over 500 Saddleback families committed to adopt kids after my message on adoption! OrphanCare is one of our signature issues,
  86. A key to spiritual growth is to pass on whatever you learn. God gives more insight to those who share with others.2Tim.2:2
  87. Q&A9 Last Q: I haven't owned or even worn an Hawaiian shirt in 3 yrs. But lazy reporters repeat the myth.That's all!
  88. Q&A8 It's foolish to believe half of what the media says. Always go to the source! NEVER judge others by what you read. Pr.14:15
  89. Q&A7 We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it. God’s purpose isn't limited by your past.
  90. Q&A6 Your problems are not punishment; they are wake up calls! God is trying to get you to change.. Ps. 119:67
  91. Q&A5 It is always more Christlike to resolve a strained relationship than to disolve it. Hang in there. Gal.6:9
  92. Q&A4 Apologetics@Saddleback,Sept5-6, JP Moreland! WilliamLaneCraig! Greg Koukle!NormGeisler!DarrellBock!Dinesh Dsousa!
  93. Q&A3 You can subscribe to Purpose Driven Connection magazine at The current issue won a Pulitzer prize!
  94. Q&A2 Re:RW-hating bloggers? I’m thrilled my life gives them a purpose for living! Lk.6:26 May God bless them! Lk.6:27-28
  95. Answer to Q#1 Yes, I personally write & tweet every word. Ghostwritten books or tweets lack integrity. Prov. 20:22
  96. 1 wk ago I began tweeting.Thanks for following! In the next few tweets I’ll answer a few questions you’ve asked,
  97. Your biggest distraction in worship is you–your resentments,prejudices,interests&worry about what others think of you
  98. Jesus measures greatness by service,not status. The size of the task is irrelevant. It's how much love you put into it.
  99. Surrendering to God isnt fatalism or laziness. It may mean sacrificing & suffering criticism to change what needs changing
  100. It is when we try to be God that we end up most like Satan, who desired the same thing.
  101. Life is a struggle because we struggle w God. We want to be God & there’s no way we'll win that one.Surrender is peace
  102. When I surrendered to Jesus, I found not a tyrant, but a savior; not a boss, but a brother; not a dictator, but a friend
  103. JESUS' TATOO OF YOU: "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands!" Isa.49:16 No one will ever love you more.
  104. Christ on the cross,arms outstretched:"I love u this much! I’d rather die than live without u!!"That's how much u matter
  105. No matter who or how old you are, you'll always need chldren in your life.They are God's tools for teaching unselfishness.
  106. HOW you live is far more important than HOW LONG you live. It's your donation not your duration you should focus on.
  107. Love people and use money. If you start loving money, you’ll end up using people. Eccl. 5:10
  108. I pray 2Th.3:1 for pastors today."Pray the Master's Word will take off &race through the country to a groundswell of response"(Mes)
  109. NEVER COMPARE yourself! Other's success will discourage you OR yourswill make you prideful. Both are deadly.Gal.6:4
  110. Those who waste time attacking perceived faults of others never grow up.Envy & bitterness shrink their hearts.Jn 8:15
  111. God planned your birth before creating the univese.Eph.1:4.He made you to love you.You're no accident!
  112. There are accidental parents,but no accidental kids.Illegitimate parents,but no illigitimate kids.God wanted you alive.
  113. If unbelievers like what they see, they'll listen to what we say.
  114. If you only pray when you feel like it, Satan will make sure you never feel like it
  115. You'll NEVER get free on your own. If you could,you would, but you can't so you won't. God wired us to need each other.
  116. To defeat any compulsive sin you must admit it to someone.James 5:16. Revealing your feeling is the beginning of healing.
  117. Humility is a choice.You don't pray for it.You DO it.God says Humble yourself! It isnt denying your strengths;Its admitting your weaknesses.
  118. John Piper & I preached Ralph Winter's funeral together recently. I love JP. His reasons convinced me to tweet.
  119. Read your way out of every rut.Pray your way out of every doubt.Act your way out of every fear.When going thru hell, KEEP GOING! LoveUguys!
  120. Why do we put salt on ocean fish? The same God who keeps them salt-free while living in brine, can insulate us from worldliness. Jn 17:15
  121. The Christlike response to culture is neither mindless imitation nor spineless isolation. Its insulation (in not of) & infiltration!
  122. GRACE is the fact that God knows every stupid mistake I'll make in ministry and still chose me.You too.Jn 15:16 & 1Tim.1:12
  123. Don’t claim you believe the Bible if you're doing nothing for widows & orphans. James 1:27.
  124. You only believe the parts of the Bible that you DO. Don’t claim you believe in inerrancy if you don't love your enemies.
  125. I believe in the absolute inerrancy of Scripture, I do not believe in the inerrancy of my interpretation - or yours either.
  126. Weddings make us smile but funerals make us think..Death forces us to consider the meaning of liife. Eccl. 7:2 .Never waste a funeral.
  127. Did back-to-back funeral&wedding. Pastoring is an emotional rollercoaster. You won't last.uniless you genuinely love the people you serve..
  128. It's distractions, not doing evil, that sideline most pastors.They lose focus. It's all about the Global Glory of God. Period
  129. So many talented people give 1st class allegiance to 2nd class causes that diiffuse their energy, weaken impact & waste their lives.
  130. The key to a life of impact is FOCUS! Many things aren't necessarily wrong-they just aren't necessary, PD is chosing wisely.
  131. Just finished grilling burgers for my Jr &Sr High& College Staff at my house.The 1st duty of leadership is to say thanks,
  132. You cannot win your enemies to Christ. You can only win your friends. Treat everyone with love, respect, and dignity.
  133. 5:30am Quiet time in backyard watching sun rise over Saddleback Mt. 1 bird chirping.The Lord is my strength. Enter the day with reverence.
  134. 2 tweet or not 2 tweet? I fear the narcissistic possibility, but can’t pass up any tool to encourage you! Jumping in! .

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Hey 417 Bride!...Gotta cover this...:-)

Skyler Hillenburg & Chad Watson
Married May 31, 2009 at the Old Wommack Mill in Fair Grove, MO.
Photo's By Big Smile Photography
Designed by the Bride & Inspired by the antique family photo at the far right...

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LogRog Wildcat 2009 Football Schedule



MTN. GROVE (9th) HOME 5:30