Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lake Day

Wilson's...Lake...Good Friends...Good Food...Nuff Said.

Sunglasses Do's & Dont's

It is up to you to name the Top Ten Sunglasses do's & dont's

discuss amongst yourselves...

Mixed Bathing...

Water Volleyball...
Rachel can make some mighty tasty cookies...flavorful...
Burch...drunk as usual...
Jen...not pregnant again...
The Pool...

night...night...stay cool.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Naked Ladies

As I Left for work one morning this week, I was first struck by the oppressive heat at 7:30 in the am...but more impressed was I with about 4 naked ladies that were standing out in our front yard. These were not just any naked ladies...they were very tall and very beautiful. Of course the Naked Ladies I am refering to is the Amaryllis Belladonna.
This made me think back to about a year he place that cindy and I celebrated our anniversary...and how fun and relaxing it was. I wish we were going back there again...

"the Belladonna" 12 Echols St. Eureka Springs, Ar.

As I recall...the weather was about this hot...and there was no telephone, not much air-conditioning, no TV, and some really funky music on the CD player...and some books and a Jacuzzi. It was great...

The last week in July the Naked Ladies like to make themselves known all over the ozarks...but none not quite as beautiful as one particular yard on Echols Street or one particular yard on Prince Lane. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

Guess why we are crying...

A. Mark is taking a picture of us.
B. Mark has not been home all day.
C. We are watching "Dog the Bounty Hunter"
D. We lost our Free HBO preview channell.
E. We are watching VH1's Greatest Hits of the 70's.
F. We are watching the Notebook.
G. The Hooge Kids have to go home tomorrow.
H. The Hooge kids don't go home til tomorrow.
I. Sophie is being mean to Anna.
J. Skyler is not wearing deodorant again.

Multiple Choice...first winner gets a free sno cone. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All the Fun you can take...and then some!

1. Dirty Dozen Artillery Shell...19.95.
2. We had a GREAT time hanging out with the Elliot's and the Mill's. Dawn, "Danimal", Isaac, Titus, & Val...are the greatest... we already know that we like Scotty & Sam & co.
3. More Dirty Dozen...
4. You just never know what "old flames" are going to show up on the Fourth O' July
5. Skyler "working" at the fireworks stand...actually she was a great help...Barrett was not available for photo...because he was actually DOING WORK at this time...
6. was a bit of a trick question...because he was NOT a famous country music singer...the question still stands...does anyone know him?
7. Scotty rocked the Mic...and was the absolute "Salesman of the Year" he sold out the warehouse of the "mini 12 Artillery Shells" and everything else
8. Name that Fountain ? Win a Prize!
9. The Rockets Red Glare...

Let me say that we appreciate all of the friends and family that dropped by to pick-up some fireworks...and we hope that you enjoyed them...we had "fun" and got to see some very colorful people...(Dawn & Dan not included)...I would like to say thank you to the ladies at Quick Pantry #17 for letting us use their restroom every day.

Shout outs go to:
Mc Fadder & Matrone
the sparkler bomb guys
the guy shooting artillary shells at the Cox Helicopter
the "queen of the fireworks stand"
the Zimbabway guys
the lesbians
the Doctor
the Smarts
Big Rog...Little Rog
Chaundree and her friends
the navigational wonder delivery driver from Pizza Hut on west Sunshine
the Ice Cream man
all the people that Scott went to elementary school with that he re-connected with this week
the Qdoba guy
Larry & the entire Wooten family...and Crystal...AND...amy
Red Diamond Sweet Tea
KGBX 105.9 & Seventies Weekend
the guy in the red and yellow truck
Surplus City
the brave (idiot) kids shooting off firecrackers inside their own Black Cat tent
dan's favorite customer with no money...but keeps coming back anyway
all the comparison shoppers...(your going to blow it up...don't waste your gas driving to the tent in Nixa and Ozark to see if they have a better deal)
the man in the Black Mercedes
Big Jerr for keeping an eye on us
Katie & Kim & Krew at the warehouse
a thorn to the Credit Card machine company
the highway patrolman
the woman who pee'd in our parking lot
A thorn to the guy who stole something
the guys who bought a case of mini's to shoot at each other
all the trivia winners
all those illegally smuggling bottle rockets into Kansas...(you know who you are)
whoever the people are that name fireworks...(you crack us up)
the "trash ferry's" (the ladies that picked up our trash every other day)
Dog's Wife
...and our wives...Cin, Sam & Dawn...(say that three times fast)
just like in our lives, we would not have been the raging success that we were...without your help & support! You truly are our "Afternoon Delight"
Oh....yeah...and the Starland Vocal Band!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 230th America!

How should you celebrate the 230th birthday of the Greatest Country in the world...well. How about an old fashioned Fireworks Shoot!

Last Day to to Pick-up your "Big Ticket", "The Crowd Goes Wild" or "Wake the Neighbors"...

As Promised...Girls in Red, White & Blue Bik(tank)ini's...waving in the crowds as they throng towards the fireworks stand.

when a storm blows in from the east to the west...that is a sign that you are about to get 10% off your entire purchase of fireworks...if the sun is shining down on the tent your buying from...

Trivia! Guess this Country Music Superstar (who answered and won the live version of this game...and won free fireworks)...and win a free gross of bottle rockets! Thats Right kids...Who is giving away FREE fireworks...Blockbuster on WEST sunshine...of course! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

Some blog trivia winners...and...

Some blog trivia winners...and...
Some losers tried to burn down our fireworks stand...
but they met with the agony of De-Feet.

Guess the owners of the Feet and win a free gross of bottlerockets!

Come on out 3119 W. Sunshine (just 2 minutes west of Acamborro on Sunshine at 360 Miles Per hour) The best fireworks DEALS in the city (well outskirts) and if we hit our sales goal of $10,000 today and tomorrow...I am shaving my head...and Cindy is getting a tattoo.
You can't resist buying extra with stakes like that.

Break open those piggy banks...and git on over to the west end of town...(please don't drive 360 miles per hour)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Now somebody is going to have a Great 4th...

Guess who and get a free Gross of Bottle Rockets... Come on out...mention this blog and recieve a free gross of bottle rockets... Posted by Picasa