Friday, June 15, 2012

Mothers Day Facebook Post

Many years ago...I was born into a bad situation... A situation so bad... That all people involved new that it was not something that a baby should be brought into.
Fortunately, for me, even before I was born or conceived, a couple purposed in their heart to add to their marriage a baby.
Much in the same way that I would later understand how Jesus rescued me from my sins, my Mother & Father rescued me from this untenable situation.
They loved me and gave me an unbelievably privileged life...they raised me right... And were directly responsible for me meeting my future wife.
As I get older, when I look back at my life I can see that outside of the forgiveness of my sins... When Jesus paid my penalty of death, and I became a believer and follower if His... Outside of that. The greatest gift I have ever been given is being adopted into this family by my parents. If that were not enough there is another wonderful woman that God has blessed me with...My Wife and Mother to our kids.
Today, on Mothers Day... I pay tribute to my Mom...& my Wife. The two greatest women I know... I have been lucky enough to be blessed undeservingly and unbelievably by them both.
Today, and everyday I love you mom! I love you Cindy. Happy Mothers Day!!