Monday, April 23, 2007

63 Yards on 7 carries

JFK Stadium, April 20 - Red Division
Chiefs vs Falcons

On a Rockwell type of evening, these two teams were very evenly matched.

Coach Scott Opfer placed the yoke on number 12, Barrett Hillenburg, and Hillenburg rewarded his coach with runs of 29 and 24 yards for a touchdown. Hillenburg completed the night with 63 yards on 7 carries.

Jeremy Armstrong added another 89 yards on 11 carries and a touchdown. Isaac Hendry returned a kick for 24 yards.

Defensively, Chase May, led his squad with 7 tackles for the evening. Teammates Armstrong and Hillenburg logged 6 tackles and 5 tackles, respectively.

The Chiefs turned to Adam Dorland to carry the load with 41 rushing yards on 11 carries and 73 return yards. Tyler Crain carried the rock 7 times for 28 yards.

The Chief’s defensive stand-out for the evening was, again, Adam Dorland, with 4 tackles and a quarterback sack.

These two teams were both ready to rock, but the Falcons held on for a 14-6 victory.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Falcons over Chiefs 14-6

Barrett Hillenburg (#12) 7th Grade Falcon Quarterback cheers on Falcon Fullback JeremyArmstrong (#23) as Armstrong bulls in for the second Falcon touchdown Friday Night in the season opening win over Kickapoo. This first game of the season, highlighted Hillenburg as he scored the first Falcon touchdown in the first 3 minutes of the game after two straight QB option keepers for 29 and 24 yds respectively, to set the tone of the Falcon opening win. Hillenburg and Armstrong, playing every down of the game, lead the team in tackles as the much smaller Falcon football team (only 14 members strong) kicked the poo out of a much larger Chiefs team that numbered over 38 7th Grade players.

The Falcons will have a test Thur night April 26th at JFK Stadium as they go up against the Spfld Catholic Fighting Irish at 6:00pm.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007

If I would have only known!

That there was a NEW BLOG in the CITY.
I would have stopped the presses and been commenting like mad.
Instead I am only mad...because no one told me. That is what I get for taking a few days respite from reading the blogs. (in my own defense I was out of town at a trade show)

To that I am truly sorry. Forgive me Missy.

The accounts of NYC that you dropped on us are truly prose to our imagination...and we look forward to your photo imagery to match, but until then we can only reminisce of our own experiences in the City. Of eating at Sarabeth's, strolling through Central Park, SOHO, Washington Square Park, and Times Square. Oh the fun...The Empire State building and the majesty of a Staten Island Ferry ride at sunset before the Towers fell.

Of course I have never rested my weary feet at the Waldorf...but that gives one something to look forward to. The way we will all look forward to your next blog...about your next trip to the ( boring Springburg) park or a day of laundry or like Jen...Getting up early (10:00am) to let in the cleaning lady...and then nestling down into a good book and eating Bon-Bons by the pool all afternoon. Whatever it is that fills your day, if you blog about it...we will all be the better for it.

Missy! We welcome you with our Windows (Vista) wide open.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Were Moving! were moving...Before you get too excited, this is a solicitation for Help! MOVING Help!

Here is the plan. Were loading up everything we own in the biggest truck you can rent from Ryder on Wednesday, April 25th (all day and night). Then we plan to unload it all into our garage on Thursday afternoon & evening the 26th (after we close on the property). Then move in the house all weekend. If you would like to help carry a refrigerator on your back...(or anything smaller) then feel free to drop by here (558 Peacock).

May 17th @ HSBC...An Evening of Acapella Hymns

Benefit Concert for Guatemala Missions Trip 2007. The Concert will be recorded Live and CD's will be "sold*" immediately after the concert. Be there or miss the hottest evening of the season for that good ole' music that Grandma used to like.

*This event is a donation at the door benefit concert and the CD's are "sold" for donation only.

A birthday Celebration...Cantina Laredo Style

Happy Birthday to all that were having birthdays...See if you can guess who they are.

PS...To those of you who know who you are...We have much more respect for you now...than we did before...and you know why.