Friday, May 26, 2006

Burch Bash to raise some Cash!

I am going to use these photo's to tell you a few things that my dad and grandpa used to say.

1 "...looks like your eyes were bigger than your stomach..."
2. "your never too old to kiss your grandpa"
3. Natalie...this one is for you...(i don't have anything for this one)
4. Matt & Rachel...right before Matt ate an entire tub of potatoe salad...(again nothing)
5. "Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence...Pete fell off..Who was left?"(Re-Pete)
6. "Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence...Pete fell off..Who was left?"(Re-Pete)
6. "Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence...Pete fell off..Who was left?"(Re-Pete)
6. "Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence...Pete fell off..Who was left?"(Re-Pete)
6. "Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence...Pete fell off..Who was left?"(Re-Pete) get it...
7. "You can pick your friends...and you can pick your seat...but you can't pick your friends seat"...or..."Going to the Ball game? No why?...Cause looks like you were pickin' your seat"
8. as you can see...Tara and Rachel are guarding the Pies. "eat dessert is unpredictable"
9. Maggie...your shirt is on backwards... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Walk-Off Homerun Wins LogRog Baseball first-round AAA Sectionals

Sophomore Second Baseman Chad Yates Strokes the long ball in the bottom of the 8th inning for the game winning, walk-off homerun as first year Skipper Brad Lotz (aka Nick Burns) watches from his third base coaching position. This marks the first time that LogRog Baseball has advanced beyond the District beating Warrensburg 2-3 in this hard fought, first round Sectional battle.
Senior, ace pitching phenom, and MSU signed southpaw, Buddy Baumann struck out 15 in an impressive outing pitching all 8 innings and throwing upward of 110 pitches. He never lost any speed, control...and sparingly used his wicked change-up for several third stike pitches.
This marks only the second time Yates has gone yard all season.
LogRog will advance to Sectional Quarter Final Play to be hosted by Webb City at 5:00pm Saturday.

Observations on Wildcat Baseball

1. Lotz congratulates on of his players as they score an early run.
2. Lotz actually makes his Assistant Coach sit on a shorter bucket than he does.
3. The team runs onto the field to congratulate Chad Yates on his game winning home run.
4. The Mom's love Lotz...
5. This is not my date...but I love everyone right now...
6. Yates crosses the plate after his Walk-off game winner.
7. Yates being interviewed by ESPN and FOX Sports after the game (I am guessing).
8. Look at that nicely manicured playing field.
9. Could this team go all the way?...maybe behind that masterful coaching of Lotz, and riding the arm of Buddy Baumann. Posted by Picasa

Who Wants to Work at our Fireworks Stand?!

OK...The time has come...we are running 2 fireworks stands this year and we need to start signing up workers. One is at the corner of W. Sunshine and W. Bypass (where Crazy Cecils used to be) and one at the corner of Evans Road and Hwy 65 South.

We will need workers from June 24th to July 4th. We will need Daytime workers and evening workers...and will need someone to overnight at each location. Of course our families will be there most of the time. Especially on the last weekend leading up to the 4th on Tuesday...we will need plenty of help. If you are at least 13 and would like to help in the Fireworks stand I need you to leave a comment with how I can contact you...or email me at .

Now I expect that my faithful crew of High School Girls from the concession stand will want to be first in don't delay. We will need people to stock the customers and run the cash register. Please expect some hot weather...and long hours interspersed with lots of fun...and Pepsi. Plus (unlike the concession stand) you will be getting paid. So...come one come all...the Fourth of July will be here in a moment. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It pays to have Shelter Insurance

A few weeks ago, I blogged the pictures of my roof damage from the Giant hail that was tossed out of the top of the tornado laden storm that came across town. And at that time I asked..."I wonder what a new roof would look like?"

Well. It looks like this... if your not happy with your Insurance Company, could I suggest you give Greg Roy at Shelter Insurance a call. 417-862-6669. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006

10th Inning Concessions

Every Saturday for the next 8 weeks...The best hot dogs and Hamburgers in town.
With the Best Looking Crew to serve them to you. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friends & Family...MCI's got nothin on us...

1. Does the Camera Love Tiffany or WHAT?
2. Happy Mothers Day!
3. Admin, his Hottie Girls...and their new Body Guard.
4. Skyler and her ensem...while Hawkins is telling about how they got a 1+ at State (but were penalized 1 point because he forgot to send in one of the sheets of music to the judges) oops...we still love him!
5. The entire Cast of the new off Broadway "One Man Show" entitled Barrett...Broken but not defeated.
Skyler...the newest member of Nationaly Recognized and Grammy Award Winning "Glendale High School Chamber Choir" after her 'rents threatened to take her car away if she did not try out...and after much stress and turmoil...and the likes of a very good friend named Melanie Bemarkt who helped her rehearse her song...Skyler almost made Alto Section Leader...she will be the #2 Alto. She also received much prasie and accolades from the outgoing Choir President...and the Senior All America Soloist, Alliah Kilgore who were playing the Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul to Hawkins...Simon Cowell. Congrats Sky...We are proud of you!
7. Cin & Min
8. Cin & Bec
9. Cindy has a new driving technique...driving with your eyes closed...keeps down the road can concentrate on singing the right words better that way. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fri Night & Saturday...

7. This is not your typical cart in the meat department...Men Shopping.
8. Isn't Cin cute w/ her dress and jeans...
6. Already bought most of them at Schaffitzals...but I forgot about these...
2. Cin enjoys the 6th Grade Hickory Band Concert.
5. Happy Mothers Day Mom...
3. Sky likes to take pics of herself...
4. Barrett's wrist...
9. Barrett's Band Concert...playing with an injury...what a trumpeter...
1. Happy Mothers Day Cin...

Buckle Fracture

No...barrett did not break his belt...he broke his wrist...well, to be totally correct he Fractured his wrist with what is called a "Buckle Fracture" or a "Torus Fracture".
According to Google...

"This radiograph shows a "buckle" or "Torus" fracture of the radius (forearm). This fracture is most common in children between the ages of 5 and 11. Typically, the child reports having fallen onto his or her outstretched hand. The main clue to diagnosis is pain that persists longer than a couple hours, especially if the child does not want to use the arm"

and according to to Barrett...this is exactly what Football camp on Thursday night...and then he fell on it again last night with a "pitcher covering home" play at the plate.

Of course (as I told Cindy) if we would have known what the doctor at urgent care was going to look like...we would have gone the first night. Props to Cox North Urgent Care...and Dr. Cami Porter. They got us in and out in a record breaking 40 minutes, and we only had to tell the story to 14 different people.

Barrett is doing OK...he has a "velcro splint" on it...and has an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor on monday...where if he is looking at the same internet I am...Barrett will get a cast for about 3 weeks...and then be back as good as new. No Sports till he is cleared by the doc.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There is a Yellow Finch...

So there is this yellow finch that comes to the engineering windows (outside my office)...and lands on the ledge...and pecks at the window. This has gone on for a couple of weeks...and it has been the subject of much conjecture. I have realized the issue..I have figured out the force of nature that is causing this phenomenon.

Does anyone work with any women? have you ever experienced the "estrogen wars"? If you have ever been to High School...or worked in an office with more than 6 people...I am betting that you know what I am talking about. The wierd kinda interoffice dynamic that causes otherwise totally inteligent and well balanced women to begin to hate each other. The universal force that draws out the "claws" as sure as gravity controls the oceans and holds the moon in tow to the earth.

Here it is...the key.

There are two Finches. A male (the brightly colored one) and the one that is pecking at the window...the female. Aha. The female finch sees another female finch in the "mirrored" glass window...and instantly has to attack it.

Always remember these simple life principles. 1."there's always another woman" 2. if someone ever says 'it's not the money' can be sure..."it's the money"... 3. No one ever leaves their current job...and gets paid "twice as much" 4. If there is more than one woman in your office...she most likely will have issue with the other one soon. (Remember that if you ever consider becomeing mormon)

Well...there you go...A bit of prose...some random photo's and a life lesson. all wrapped up in a little thing we like to call have a good day! Posted by Picasa

Tatoo or not to? That is the question.

I have a close friend...that shall remain unnamed...that has a husband that shall remain unnamed as well...and the husband was doing some research on his wife's favorite animal...because he is thinking of getting her a tattoo for her birthday that is coming up...

going from left to to bottom with #1 being upper left...and #100 being the lower right...Which number of penguin art...would look the best for a tatoo for this person. Just in case you think you know who the persons in questions are...their parents DO NOT read this it's not who you think. Plus it's a the actual person...can't know anyway... Posted by Picasa

Prose is a tall order...

OK...Lately when I have been going out in to public...I have been getting innundated with requests...and questions about the blog. is Jen's baby? Mark...why don't you write more prose...and use less pictures? you know the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain? here you go...I have decided to take four completely random photo's from my day...and tell you about them in a sort of short dramatic story that ends in a a life lesson for everyone.

The first installment I will call. Don't get duped by a man carrying a camera.

Today...I convinced the very stylish Amy Ruth...aka "Missisippi" ...that her big cuff's needed to have a little roll down to be on the latest cutting edge of fashion....I then took a picture of said fashion "prove to her" just how good it looked. Second...I then convinced Cindy and Missisippi that I wanted to take that "Seinfeld" like picture of their feet (as seen above) here they are lining up there feet getting ready for the picture. The best part was...they never knew i didn't take the photo of their feet....tee hee hee...

Lastly Steph OD honks at me at a stoplight...while she is talking on her cell phone and much more dangerous can you get? you will be taking pictures while your trying to drive...(which Barrett can attest not such a good I rear-ended a car last summer while trying to take a picture of Cox South from out of my sunroof...and a clunker in front of me stopped unexpectedly at a red light....fortunately the damage to the vehicle was less than the previous 3 times it had been wrecked...and not you could not tell) I digress.

So...back to the story, if a man carrying a camera asks you to pose for him doing something entirely random or weird...chances are going to end up on the internet. Second...if you are selling Diagonstic Analysis should be careful how big your font is on your powerpoints...and now to the life lesson. If you don't know what is the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain...don't expect to get invited over to people houses very often.

See what I did there?...the twist, was that I talked about something heretofor you had no idea what I was talkiing about...that is called poor writing skills in college...but is called a "twist" in the plot...and the life lesson was a "call back" of a (you just previously thought) completely random sentence at the top of this blog...turns is the most important was the conclusion. tomorrow...prose. Posted by Picasa


OK...I have had several questions about here goes. It's a Knock down, drag holds barred, winner take all...Who has the cutest baby contest.

Rules are as followes. Behavior toward parents is 2 points (Immediately, Exactly & with the right heart attitude)...Talent is 2 points...Originality in name is 2 points...(and to make it fair) I have added crying loudness is 2 points. Now...the final 2 points are scored on overall cuteness....The cuteness quotient of the parents is not to be taken into consideration, neither are tattoos or piercings of the parents or the infants themselves. This is a no "additional adornement" match judged using the modified IBC rules 9th edition. (International Baby Cuteness)

Add up all the points...the baby with the most points...wins. Second place (the first loser) gets nothing but a warm feeling in their Diaper, and the lifelong realization that they gave it their all...and came up lacking...first place gets to wear the crown of "World Wide Web's Cutest Baby" On your mark, get set...GO! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Congratulations to Barrett!

As he was named to the National Junior Honors Society at Hickory Hills Middle School...

Way to go B! Posted by Picasa

A study in Contrasts. I call this...

Some people know how to pose for a picture...and some people don't.

This sums up my Cinco De Mayo Weekend... Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

As Requested...all 536 Pictures from NYC

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The 2nd Annual DTB get-together.

From Left to Right...
Islandwriter and his Island Hottie Wife.
Admin & Millisant
K1 & Skywriting
The DTB Hostess with the Mostest (people at her house at 10:30 pm)
F.S.Walker & Future Blogger R.D. Wade III
Yours Truly (Hillenblog) and Movie Buff
Nick Burns & Groupies & Hillenjunior in the background...
Hillenblog's Happy Wife & the blogger formerly known as Johnny A.

Thanks to the Host & Hostess...this was a great evening!