Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rogersville Football

Oh so many years ago I played football for Strafford High School, and although we were not that good... I'm not sure how many games we won in the four years I played...(it would be single digits) and many of our losses were huge defeats. Even after all of that... I look back on my Football days fondly... And occasionally I even wish I could put back on a helmet & shoulder pads.

However, this magical football season that the Rogersville Wildcats are experiencing this year could not be any better. As a parent, you know that you take your greatest pleasure in seeing your children do good. I am so excited and happy for Barrett & his teammates about this run. You could not want more for your son than to be a part of a winning program. And part of a team that has an opportunity to fulfill a dream they have had for a long time.

I remember back when Barrett was a freshman, and we picked up a game against the Waynesville JV team.... The year after they were the state champs. After the game... Their coach came over and asked Coach Smith if he could adress our team. The Waynesville Coach told them that they were the most talented freshman team he had ever seen, including the team he just lead to the state title last year. He said if they applied themselves, worked hard, stayed together...they could do something special.

As the boys prepare for this week, I can't express how thankful I am for the coaches, staff & everyone that has supported this team for the last 4 years!

It's been a great time & I can't be more proud or more happy of my son...And all these boys that are playing their final game in the Dome... For the State Title.

It's been a great run... But we're not quite done.