Sunday, December 07, 2008

OSB update...

Exciting news...Several people have come forward wanting to make the OSB Missions Trip in March 21-29 and even a few more are deciding if they can do it.

Attendees are:
Gary Wilson, Lisa Wilson, Ashley Wilson, Morgan Wilson, Barrett Hillenburg, Sam Blaine, Dave Roberts, Matt Burch, Jeff Britton, Shannon Britton, Mark Hillenburg

On the Bubble:
Brad Tucker, Mandy Tucker, Mindy Cooper, Chris Talburt, Bill Jackson, Dave Rogers.

The Trip is filling up if you’re need to get your money to Gary Wilson as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Man I would love to take my wife on this trip, however like we discussed she will be popping about 15 days or so after you leave so I dont believe it would be a smart move for us to go. We will be praying for everyone while they are gone. Hopefully next time!!!