Wednesday, September 09, 2009

LogRog JV vs Branson

This was a tough 12-15 loss for the Wildcat JV. They played hard and Nick Hiller had a great night. If you watch at 4:18 in the video, Barrett throws what would be the game winning TD pass, but it was called back for ineligible lineman down field. If you watch the play closely you can see that it was the fullback (who is eligible) that was down field. It was a bad call and it cost them the game. Its a tough break, however we know that great things lie ahead for this team. Hold your heads high boys and go play hard next week!


Becky said...

Love the clip! I found myself hollering, "GO! GO!", even though you had already wrote what would happen. Great game Wild Cats!!


Hillengrandma said...

Looks like we missed a great game while we were gone. Sorry they lost, but looks like they had nothing to be ashamed of.