Monday, November 10, 2008

The Good News & The Bad News...

Well...A couple of days ago, I mentioned that we had experienced a huge way of American Airlines Points...and that with the generosity of a couple of people putting us over the top (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!) we had enough points to pay for Barrett & My Tickets to Guatemala for Operation Security Blanket this coming March.

Well as it turns out...with Points (as many of you may know) not so fast. Nothing is ever that easy. Actually it takes 70K points per person (not 30K as it first appeared) to meet the travel schedule with the rest of the group from HSBC...I had almost a total of 70K (I purchased the small balance that I was short) and was able to get a ticket on the same schedule as the rest of the group for me. That is still a blessing and counts for the "Good News" section of this post. One Down.

The Bad News. Looks like were looking for 70K points for Barrett. I know that this is a much bigger request then the first request...But our prayers were answered so quickly...that my faith has enlarged. SO...I'm just putting out here. If you know of anyone that has AA miles they would like to donate to a good cause...Send them this post. The Points remain anonymous when they are transferred into my account so the cool part is...your reward will be in heaven. Hillenblog.

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