Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Huge Blessing and A Huge Request.

What is all this about you ask...Here's the deal.
I'm just gonna be real here for a second.

As you may know the Lord laid on my heart about a year ago, this crazy scheme that I call Operation Security Blanket. Go here to find out what it is if you don't know.

The Lord provided (thru friends and family) the necessary funds for me to make the first survey trip to Guatemala. It was awesome. We have been back in the states working our contacts for the necessary equipment, and the Lord has shown himself faithful again by supplying almost everything that we need in the way of equipment. Thousands of dollars of equipment has been committed and we are anticipating the return trip to do the installation. So many things have fallen into is amazing....including this next little gem.

Cindy and I really wanted Barrett to be able to go back with me on the install trip...this spring.
However with a wedding, and gas prices, and the like. We were not sure that we were going to be able to afford it. Then it struck me...I have been accruing American Airlines Points for years...and never using them...I wonder if I have enough for Barrett.

As it turns out...I have almost enough to pay for MY ticket and Barrett's. That is A huge Blessing!!

Here is the Huge Request. I am 8000 points short. I need some more points fast.
I know that I can buy points...and I will likely do that, in order to get our seats reserved...however if you have extra American Airlines points that you would like to donate to our cause. (Operation Security Blanket) for Barrett's Airfare. Please see the links below to be able to transfer then into my account. If you are one of my parents or someone that was thinking of getting me an early birthday present or early Christmas Present...and you would like to let that take the form of AA points. See the other link below.

I really don't like asking for things...but I feel very strongly in this project...and for Missions in general. If you have any questions about any of me..we can talk. Thanks...Hillenblog

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Anonymous said...

5,000 miles just transfered...

3,000 remain - Make it happen!

Gary Wilson said...

This is incredible. Being the Missions Director at HSBC I want to thank who ever did this. Hillen has worked very hard on this very worthwhile project and deserves all the help people feel led to give him.

hillenblogshappywife said...

Thanks to whoever you might be. We have seen God use our friends and family, and even those who don't really know us to provide for us concerning Guatemala. I am confident that the 3000 remaining will be given, because I know this is something that will be life changing to Mark, and to Barrett, having been privileged to go with Skyler last year. Thank You again so much.

Hillenblog said...

Thank you to everyone...we have reached out goal...THANK YOU VERY MUCH...I really appreciate your kindness and generosity toward the Hillenblog family.

Becky said...

YAY!!! I am so excited for you. I want details of the trip. I know you will take lots of pictures! We will be praying for ya. LOVE YOU!

Hillengrandma said...

I am so pleased at God's provision for you and Barrett. Once again I am amazed at HIS loving kindness. I am so excited that Barrett is getting to go on this trip.